Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist

 Spiritual Teacher

Hello and thank you for visiting my site.  I have created some services to make it possible for you to transform your life.

I've been working in the healing and transformative fields for over 11 years now. Initially I qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic and studied many different techniques on how to influence the body to heal.  This is when I started to study the mind and its power.  Over years of working 1-2-1 with people I started to notice how I could identify how someone thought by how their body was aligned and how they held themselves, moved and the very words they used. I noticed that the Chiropractic treatment was a wonderful therapy but the majority of my great successes were born from me guiding my patients to 'think better' about their body, health and life in general.  I noticed that with a renewed mindset, my patients physical aliments were spontaneously reduced.  This is when I knew I wanted to specifically study the power of the mind and see how it could change my life. I then set about working on myself and my own life, equipped with the question, what is the mind and exactly what are we capable of? 

Using myself as my own guinea pig I went on my quest looking for the answer to this question using quantum science, religious, spiritual, psychological and personal perspectives.  As a result of building my knowledge base and personal experience I discovered I had an ability to achieve anything that I committed my mind to - no matter how scary, challenging or difficult it was. After experiencing everything I felt I superficially wanted, I came to a place where finally I knew what my heart wanted and this is it.  I want you to know how powerful you are and for you to be truly happy - as I found that your successes and happiness moves me and brings me closer to my joy and bliss.  

It is shocking to me just how little we are encouraged to understand and use our minds in general society. Some would go as far as calling it a conspiracy just how unaware we are of our potential. The marketers, politicians and broadcasters know how to manipulate our minds and influence our behaviour. Now YOU can have the power to make up your own mind and create the world YOU WANT and not the world that other people want you to have.

Through my YouTube videos and services I intend to relay as much information to you so that you become aware that we no longer have to be victim to our circumstances, habits or behaviour and that we have the ability to be free, successful and deeply happy.

personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.