Claim Your Beauty In 7 Steps

February 27, 2019

Worship and Beauty Spell Casting


This theme of worship is broad and covers a multitude of areas. I am specifically referring to physical beauty.


I recommend that you observe where your adoration and worship is going. This includes what you consider to be 'better' in any way other than what is in or around you in this moment. 


If you find that this is present in your reality it can be an issue and a limitation if you are someone who wants to transcend the reality they are (caged) in.

I hope you can see that this is in itself is the root of the problem of failing to be enlightened or at peace or in love/acceptance.


Of course I am advising you to do something due to the experience of doing the opposite for years and experiencing the manifestations of doing so.


When we adore someone, worship someone or something, our energy is going into that person or thing. Our energy is akin to magical potential that has value - like money - but much more superior in every way.


So we give our special essence / magic / sovereignty which is the basis of our co-creator or creator abilities, over to another.  We are trained to do this and positively encouraged by society.


Some persons do not follow this route and they will abstain from such worship.  However this is an equally powerless state as its the other side of the coin of worship is a suppression of sorts.


So why does this matter at all?


It matters because worship of something external directly affects our reality.


It will distort truth.


Beauty is important.  Beauty is real. But its not what we are told it is.  And for this we are always 10 steps away from achieving it, no one is ever 'there'.  This is no accident.


The truth is we are all inherently beautiful - and we all NEED to realise this so that we are no longer easy fodder for industries and beings that survive on our striving to move away from our true selves. In the pursuit for a lovely story full of crap and false promises.


Remedy Exercise


No.1 - We are all one 

We are all part of this whole mess called existence. Everyone else (other versions of you) is doing 'them' - you need to be doing 'you'.  Its a big job, i'm not going to lie.  We haven't got time to be stalling our lives to worship and adore and spending our essential magical energy giving it to someone/being/A.I. or program who doesn't even know you exist. Discover you.


No.2 - Find out if you are Leaking Magical energy

How you identify this is by evaluating your acceptance.  Acceptance is always present in adoration so its a useful indicator.

Look at yourself in the mirror naked, scrutinise every bit you don't like and then face this:


Non-acceptance is akin to Powerlessness


And powerlessness in a life of your design DOES NOT EXIST.  Face you body and then face the lies you are believing.  A lie is anything you choose not to believe - purely my interpretation there, but I am doing my own reality.


No.3 - Embrace Yourself 

Accept and develop love and adoration for your uniqueness. No matter how difficult it is, it has to be done so that you release the programming.


No.4 - Beauty is whatever you think it is.  So make sure your belief works in your favour.


No.5 - Stop external Worship/Energy leakage

It will depend on how your doing it. Essentially, stop 'following'. It could be change music choice, stop watching TV, stop following social media, stop copying/emulating, stop accumulating info etc etc. This will be bigger and more significant than a simple change in habit as the pay off for worship IS the empty promise. When we stop worship the thing we have to sacrifice is the thing WE NEVER GOT ANYWAYS - the program is so clever.  


No.6 - Integrate the Energy Re-route

As you release the toxic security blanket of the program, increase the self love and self acceptance and self care. Take more time to invest into your hobbies, talents and creative side. Fall in love with what and who you are and connect to the vital force inside of you, your god self, your magical energy.


No.7 - Reality Change

Fruits of your labour will be feeling powerful, valuable and special. You will become more beautiful - the true beautiful you (sparkling from the inside).  This is because you've stopped giving your powerful essence to vampires who need it to go on.  No need to compete, prove yourself or be good enough. So basically you are left with bags of time and space where you can enjoy your life where you know you are beautiful through and through.


















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