Hello Grace, 

I am just getting to a place where I am able to formulate words about our session and things that are transpiring since.

First of all, You are amazing and gifted. Thank you for creating such a loving and yet strong space for me to get to my deepest wounds and have the courage to process things. I appreciate the extra time you gave me to allow for a true sense of completion.

I was physically exhausted saturday evening. I went to bed at 8:30. I had the most unusual experience. I felt like I was out of my body. My physical body was unable to move and yet I was hovering above. At the same time, I was able to clearly hear 2 separate conversations that were happening outside my bedroom with such clarity, simultaneously. So strange. 

My physical body continues to purge through my skin and pains. I am not bothered by it, just aware. At the same time, my body and mind definitely feel so much lighter and freer to express and be myself. 

This doesn't even cover the magnitude I feel that I have experienced from your healing session.  It is massive. 

Rebecca Hale, USA

"I have known Grace for over 1 year now and in that time she has opened up my soul and taken me to places I thought I knew existed, but never experienced.
I have been searching for years to find someone who listens and takes time to unlock the dark secrets of my soul and encourages me to face up to them. Grace makes me look inwards like never before, she makes me wear my inside out and this can only happen if you have a true and understanding deep connection with somebody.
She achieves this by using her many skills, abilities and methods, which are put to good use in the sessions, it could be meditation, relaxation, deep questioning, open fun, but all sessions are always conducted with love. Grace looks at you with just love without judgement unconditionally. Rest assured however, everything you say, she remembers and she watches you like a hawk and if she thinks you are dodging the issue, running away from your own internal truth, she will expose your failings with surgical accuracy.
Mostly I have come away instilled with spiritual fulfilment, happiness, understanding and great internal strength, all of which has made a huge difference to my life. At times I have felt so overwhelmed I could push the sky away. There are however, times when she really hits sensitive spots locked away in the deep reaches of your mind that intuitively she knows are there, which is quite scary and you have to face up to them and deal with them.
This journey so far has given me a new lease of life. Grace has exposed myself to myself in such a way that my truth is now more clearer and transparent than anytime before and I am in great spiritual debt to her."

N. North, UK. 2017

"When I met Grace there were things about her that i'd never seen in anybody else before. She opened up my world to a whole new set of ideas and beliefs, that challenged my old way of thinking and feeling.

She helped me explore new possibilities which have lead to my life opening up. This has raised my awareness and helped me look within. There has been a definite transformation in me, I’m not just feeling it I’m seeing the transformation.

Instead of my reality being ‘my world’ it now feels like its ‘our world’. I am far less insular than before. Now I’m breaking down self limiting beliefs that existed before, I’m not constantly throwing accusations at myself that are not true.  I feel there is more purpose in my life.

Having Grace in my life is like having a spiritual haven someone i know I can always call upon who i trust who I know I’ll get the truth from.

The most powerful feeling is the connection that I have with Grace it’s like no other, I’m not interested in knowing what it is or trying to label it, i just know it is."

G. Chester, UK

“Experiencing a low in my life to which I could find no answer, I began looking for a life coach, I chose Grace based purely on intuition without any real idea of who she was or what lay in store.

My first session was July 4th 2016  "Independence day"  an ironic coincidence as my life was anything but independent, behind the façade of maturity and manliness which I was so good at projecting I felt myself to be unworthy and generally failing in the creation of who I thought I should be.

Could Grace help me?

Within an instant of our meeting I was 100% sure I had made the right choice, Grace exudes the love and wisdom that we associate only with very senior spiritual leaders, her charisma and sincerity such that I found it easy to give her the absolute trust prerequisite of accepting me to be her student, my reward was to be then taken on the most amazing journey of my life, a development of awareness that now carries its own inertia, creating for me a life in which the magical has become my daily experience.

My programme has been to session with Grace on average every three weeks, we are all different and I felt this schedule allowed me to assimilate each lesson before moving to the next, after the first session I felt taller, my self esteem much restored, if I'd stopped then I'm sure I would have benefited, but progress quickly becomes addictive, I loved every session, they became the high point in my life, even that my brain would hurt as I struggled to adapt to new ways of thinking, and feeling so much frustration as my insecurities made me resist the very changes I wanted.

In Grace's presence I found it impossible to hide or avoid any of my many issues, her intellect and perception are unworldly, Grace is very psychic and would answer my questions often before I could voice them, and to be with her as she is actively channelling is simply awe inspiring, piece by piece day by day I felt the changes come, slowly at first then a series of beautiful awakenings... there is no greater beauty than divine truth.

Growth and evolution of this scale inevitably involves being taken out of your comfort zone, there has to be some level of challenge, pain, and difficulty, no stone can be left unturned.

The task at times felt impossible and may well have been if not for the 24/7 feeling of connection to Grace's energy, as her student the feeling was very much as "being her child" such was the love, patience, and determination for me to succeed. 

The essence of Grace's teaching is to free the individual by releasing fear, transcending duality, and learning  how to bring a higher and non judgemental quality into every day life.

Its lovely to spend an afternoon in the temple and this can be the refreshment we sometimes need, but out on the street and in the fabric of each thought and action is where it counts.

This "hands on" spirituality is not an easy path and not for everyone, but for those with the hunger and vision to discover who they really are, and the desire to achieve sovereignty over their lives the reward is incalculably great, it is literally an awakening, a point where life begins, the only danger you face is that of yourself becoming a centre of love and a magnet for other seekers.


My connection with Grace has proven to be the singular most defining event in my fifty nine years, I have learned that what can be achieved is limited only by my willingness to commit to truth, I have also learned that love, real divine love is the most kick ass powerful force in creation,.

Fear and the restrictive controlling paradigms of our fucked up world are the chains of slavery most humans wear without ever knowing it, in reading this you may be on your first step to breaking those chains, I wish you success.”

J. Makinson, UK

"I have been working with Grace for around 1 year now. She is assisting me in rebuilding my life after developing a chronic illness, and experiencing back to back bereavements over consecutive years. 

A few years back, after recurring ill health, I was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic at 34. I had led an active and successful life until that point, building a very successful business in my chosen field, travelling throughout the UK and Ireland working (and about to move into the US), and training boxing and muay thai on the side. My world came down round me with the diagnosis and the losses.

Unable to work at the same pace or cover the same ground through my illness, my work and personal life degraded until there was virtually nothing left. I also discovered, through this time, that the majority of relationships that I had were conditional upon my skillset and output and, once these became impaired, those relationships quickly disappeared.

The approach that Grace uses is not singular or dogmatic. She works with me to understand the issues specific to my life, and then sets measurable improvement targets for relevant variables. This might relate to time management, calorie intake, physiological symptoms, motivation issues or managing historical trauma.

One of Grace’s great strengths is that she reads the individual as well as the issue, and adapts her approach to each challenge. She has, above all, tremendous insight into the human condition and she provides practical, logical strategies for progress. I have rarely encountered a professional, in any field, with such a wide skillset who can make impact so quickly. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to address issues in their life, and to develop a way to live better."

D Duggan, UK, May 2019