The New Way


Enlightenment is our top priority. Until you are self actualised, you are not living your life - you are living the life of others, your ancestors and society.

You are a Master, but you forgot. You did this because you are a very creative and inventive soul and wanted to play a game, essentially, play the game of life with yourself.

The time is right for you to realise your truth in a much more fun and easy and joyful way than ever before - I call it The Masters Path, 'The New Way'.



£333     up to 3 Hour Session

Update on 19th December 2017 - The changing and evolving energies are meaning that I am having to work differently. This is an exciting time FOR SURE.  I have changed the session to a relaxed time frame, it will take as long as it takes.  However I am capping it at 3 hours. At the moment sessions are needing more than 2 hours. Sending you all my love, Grace.

I work with you, wherever you are at on your journey.

This is a service for those who are ready to claim their responsibility for being alive. To be more precise - becoming the master that you always were and always will be this life.

I am a strong telepath and empath. I facilitate you by downloading and merging with your current templates, beliefs and being. In doing this I can act as a divine mirror and show you what you are unable to see or have been fearful of seeing/facing until now.   

I record our sessions and send it to you via drop box on request.

Once you have paid for your service by PayPal, I will receive notification. I will confirm your booking within 48 hours and arrange the date and time for your session.

All sessions are carried out via zoom or Skype. 

My Spiritual Experience


Hello, I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to do this work in this way. Until now Ive been cramming myself into spaces that I was never going to fit.  I follow the path of blind faith and how I do my work as a spiritual guide is to connect to the deep aspects of you and clear the way for insight and direction.

It feels as though I'm a channel for your higher self.

I am a master of enlightenment and for those of you who are in the spiritual community I resonate with categories such as crystal, starseed, twin flame and seraphim angelic.  I work with the mind and its paradigms and emotions and specifically get you to do the physical/emotional work so that you become independent as a self healer and master creator. In my upbringing I've committed to discipleship of the Zen nature, participated in acting, shadow work on steroids, quantum healing and assisted people on their enlightenment path or ascension.  All this was done while I was a fringe dweller, living on the edges of societies norm. However I recently got the call or what really felt like a slap and have now made the transition into my mission. 

In todays energies I feel it gets harder to define what I do and trust that who approaches me for assistance is divinely orchestrated.  It gives me great pleasure, relief and honour to work in this way, a way that I've dreamt of all my life.  

Sending you love and gratitude.